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Family Law Matters

Attorney Mary L. Poletti specializes in legal matters involving families. She is a professional, compassionate lawyer who provides her clients individualized legal services when they need a strong advocate. Her extensive experience in family law, both In Virginia and Wisconsin, gives her the tools and legal knowledge to assist clients going through a difficult family […]

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Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. Marriages can change over time, just like all relationships. Problems can arise at any point in a marriage, and there is very rarely one single cause. The divorce process depends on many factors. It depends on the people themselves and their personalities and histories. Are there children […]

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When your marriage ends, your role as a parent does not. You love your children, and it is hard to suddenly have to share their time. The court expects you to keep the “best interests of your children” above your own needs and attitudes about your spouse. Both parents should be a part of the […]

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mother buckles child in winter clothes into car seat - custody and placement practice area

Marital Property Agreements

To avoid complications should a separation occur, many couples will opt to draw up a prenuptial or post nuptial agreement. This is a legally binding document that will protect the assets of each spouse should the marriage end in the future. We work diligently with couples to create the proper legal documents to plan for […]

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Husband and Wife sit side by side on a couch - marital property agreement practice area

Establishment of Paternity

Custody and placement decisions also must be made in paternity cases by parents who have never married. These cases may begin with a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity at the birth, or after. They may also begin when a parent steps forward to assert his or her rights in the matter. Many of the same considerations […]

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Father and Son fishing on a lake

Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption

A termination of parental rights can be voluntarily or involuntary. The involuntary termination of parental rights occurs when one parent seeks to terminate the rights of another parent. Under Wisconsin law, there are several grounds for involuntary termination. If a child has been abandoned by one parent, the other parent may move for the termination […]

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Adoption Placement Agreement Paperwork with Glasses


In Wisconsin, a parent cannot simply “sign over” legal custody of a minor child or an incapacitated adult. Guardianship is a specific kind of legal status between a caregiver and a ward. Becoming a legal guardian allows a caregiver to make legal decisions and sign paperwork, such as school forms or medical authorizations. Attorney Poletti […]

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woman holds small child's hand silhouetted by sunlight - adoption practice area

Grandparent’s Rights

Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren in today’s society for a variety of reasons. Attorney Poletti seeks to help them gain the legal rights they need in order to be able to properly care for their minor grandchildren. Our goal is to work with grandparents in this situation to see their goal of legal rights […]

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Grandmother and granddaughter hug in the kitchen after cooking together - Guardianship practice area


Your financial situation can quickly become overwhelming when you can’t pay all of your bills, don’t know what will happen if your car is repossessed, or how to stop the process of potentially losing your house. As these issues start to cause stress in your daily life, you may feel hopeless and trapped. Thankfully, bankruptcy […]

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front of bankruptcy court with columns at sunset - bankruptcy practice area

Debt Consolidations

Are you late on a bill or scheduled payment? It is best to act on this immediately to avoid a potential bankruptcy filing in your near future! When paying back a debt, there are many alternatives to a bankruptcy that will help keep you credit score from plummeting and allow you to be stress free. […]

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man scratches head and looks at computer screen surrounded by bills - debt consolidation practice area

Estate Planning

In essence, estate planning is about being prepared for what life brings. We work to help you feel confident that you’re prepared for every contingency. What is estate planning? In simple terms, estate planning is a process of defining a combination of an individual’s choices and assets that involves individuals, their family members and in […]

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Glasses, stamp and pen on top of a Last Will and Testament document - Estate Planning practice area


Has a loved one passed away leaving their entire estate behind for you to handle? The probate process is a legal process which will determine how one’s assets will be distributed upon his or her death. This entire process can be complex and frustrating to handle if you are the personal representative, or a loved […]

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Gavel with sealed probate documents in the background


If your house is about to be foreclosed or the process has started already, Attorney William Nickolai can help you. The process of foreclosure can be unpredictable and intimidating. Attorney Nickolai has defended hundreds of foreclosure cases across the southeastern portion of Wisconsin. He has been able to secure mortgage modifications that allow many clients […]

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Lawyer instructs client where to sign foreclosure documents - foreclosure practice area