Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage.  Almost everyone knows someone who has experienced or have themselves personally experienced divorce.  Marriages can change overtime just like all relationships.  Divorce can be the best thing or worst thing that ever happened, but it happens to the young, old, healthy, ill, parents with children, or adults without children.  It can happen at any point in a marriage, and there is very rarely one single cause.

The divorce process depends on many factors.  It depends on the people themselves and their personalities and histories.  Are there children involved?  Are there numerous assets to be divided?  What are the reasons for the divorce being filed?  Is there a lot of anger toward the parties involved?

Attorney Mary Poletti has handled hundreds of divorce cases and has experienced a wide array of different divorce proceedings.  Some are amicable, and some are not.  She understands that to her client, the husband or wife that are separating this is more than just a divorce.  This is the end of a chapter in their lives, and that he or she is entrusting their futures into her care.  She advocates for her clients in a way that they know that she respects and truly cares about them and their situation.

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