Marital Property Agreements

Husband and Wife sit side by side on a couch - marital property agreement practice area

To avoid complications should a separation occur, many couples will opt to draw up a prenuptial or post nuptial agreement. This is a legally binding document that will protect the assets of each spouse should the marriage end in the future. We work diligently with couples to create the proper legal documents to plan for a fair and reasonable division of their assets and debts in the future, if they do not want the established Wisconsin marital property laws to control their situation.

During a divorce, the court will require a Marital Settlement Agreement to divide all assets and debts. If an agreement is worked out, it will be presented to the court at a “default” divorce hearing and will become a part of the final order. If no agreement can be worked out by the parties, the case will go to trial and the division of assets and debts will be ordered by the presiding judge after hearing evidence.

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